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Rang: Chaîr fraîche !
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actress, part time singer and full time mum.

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thirty yo.

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florence my baby girl.

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the perfect jenner and the lovely coleman (a)

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may 13th, 1987

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vava (sparkles) ~ gifs (tumblr) ~ signa (ASTRA)

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CANDICOLA AND NEENS 5 EVER"I feel like a blow fish, so puffy and bloated from crying all day. Tears of joy&sadness. Bittersweet. So many memories. What a fun ride… #TVDFamily Beyond lucky and grateful to have had this experience and to have you in my life. Like CandyCola likes to say/her go to phrase…#Blessed ."

THIS AIN'T THE LAST TIME THAT I'LL SEE YOUR FACE"The first time I met Candice, we were at the craft service table and I knew who she was and that she played Caroline, but we had never been properly introduced. So I turned to her to say hi, but just as she turned to look at me, she had some –I think– sushi on her face. And I couldn’t stop myself from laughing right in her face, she must have thought I was a real prick."

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