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mannequin. jeune acteur

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mariano (bestfriend) ; gigi (close friend) ; phoebe (get to know her); uc

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madrid. los angeles. new york

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treinta y uno anos

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heureux célibataire.

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steven r. mcqueen, daniel a. sharman, shelley c. hennig & austin r. butler

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EL 19 MAYO DE 1985

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avatar myself ; signature + profil, myself

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« freedom is the inherent state of nature. A bird is free until you clip its wings and put it in a cage. Just because you pick up its shit, give it food and water, and let it do as it pleases within the confines of its cage does not make it any less a captive. Even if the cage was made of pure gold, the ornate bars would serve the same purpose. »

boys boys boys
« i felt part of a group for the first time in my life. Not a family, just a group of people who liked being together, who sat as we did, leaning towards each other, leaving just the right amount of space in between, whose thoughts and words flowed easily and naturally, whose voices and accents were so different from each other and yet mingled in harmony as though in a song. »

margot + gigi + phoebe + mariano CLOSED

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